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Nov 08

Brief Thoughts on Obama’s Reelection and Health Care

For reasons discussed in my previous post, I think we can be thankful that Obama won the election, or to be more accurate, happy that Romney lost.  The biggest difference is that Obama’s healthcare reform can stay intact.  (A good Huffington Post piece on this was posted today.)  Obviously, it would be nice to not …

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Sep 09

Brief Thoughts on Obama’s Speech

To start with what Obama did well, he did make his policy preferences clear on many issues, even though he did not commit to many specific policies.  The exceptions are that Obama did state he wanted to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 per year, create 1 million manufacturing jobs in four years, …

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Sep 05

Obama Is Not The Answer

I was reminded recently of a great song by the punk band Bad Religion called “The Answer” and it reminded me of the fact that we shouldn’t think of Obama as the answer to our problems.  I encourage everyone to listen to the full lyrics, but my point is simply this.  While it is absolutely …

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Aug 09

It’s Not The Wealthy That Are The Problem, It’s Those Welfare Queens…

This is truly sad.  Romney can’t dispel his image of being an out of touch rich guy, so he tries to say Obama is in favor of  keeping lazy people on welfare.  Are we supposed to believe people from Romney’s class aren’t the problem, it’s lazy welfare recipients and their dependency-loving ally in the White …

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Aug 02

More on the Failed Arms Treaty

I did a post last week about the failure of the arms control treaty and said Democracy Now would have more on it.  Amy Goodman had a 20 minute segment on it which is posted below. It is hard to believe how the US government can say things that are so in contrast with reality …

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Jul 30

Obama Not Much Better Than Romney–fascinating poll data of Arab world

My recent post on Mitt Romney’s “tough talk” on Israel was only one side of the coin.  On Friday, before Romney’s trip, Obama signed the US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act, increasing military ties between the two countries.  A Haaretz blog points out that this is largely political and that the act itself won’t do a …

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Jul 29

Romney Visits Israel: What does this say about the United States?

The shameful part about Romney’s visit to Israel is that he can actually make Obama look weak.  There is a competition here on who will protect the Jews more, which has taken on twisted mentality since protecting Jews apparently means being the most willing to let Israel expand and knock over whoever gets in their …

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