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Jul 15

Balanced Perspective on Iran Needed

One lesson in reading the news is that interpretation is always key.  The US Air Force put out a report assessing the threat of ballistic missiles from other countries.  Some Israeli news outlets have put out stories that refer to the part of the report that says “Iran could develop and test an ICBM capable …

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Nov 09

What If Iran Had a Drone 18.5 miles off the US coast?

It was just released this evening that the US is claiming Iran attempted, but failed to shoot down a US drone, eliciting warnings to Iran.  One very quick but important observation: If Iran had a drone about 18.5 miles off the coast of the US, would we just let it be, since after all it …

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Aug 13

The Under(and Over)Estimation of Catastrophe

Reuters has a piece today called “Are Israelis tough enough for a long war with Iran?” Some shocking points emerge out of it. One is the following quote from Defense Minister Ehud Barak: “Defense Minister Ehud Barak estimates 500 Israelis would die should a strike on Iran, which denies seeking to develop nuclear weaponry, turn …

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Jul 29

Romney Thinks He Can Stick it to the Arabs Better than Obama

A Romney aide said that a President Romney would “respect” Israel’s decision should it attack Iran to stop it from developing a nuclear weapon.  So the implied narrative seems to be “The world has abandoned Israel so we can abandon the UN charter and allow Israel to do what it pleases.  Israel only ever goes …

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