This site offers analysis on current political and social issues from a left perspective.  My posts aim to provide:

  • new perspectives on contemporary issues
  • fact-based arguments challenging mainstream “conventional wisdom”
  • context that is omitted from media reports
  • strategies the left can use for effective social action and critiques of ineffective strategies

I aim to inform with ideas based on factual evidence, but welcome the opportunity to learn from others in the process. In the current era of media disinformation, it is essential that people are able to discuss opinions rationally and reasonably, while maintaining a sense of values and passion for improving the world.

I write articles for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, but this blog is for my independent articles.

Adam Weiss has a Master of Arts Degree in Political Science and lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.  He can  be reached at weissadam79@gmail.com






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