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Sep 29

Benefit Corporations Offer A Better Business Model

Someone sent me a good 2011 article from The Nation about “benefit corporations.”  These are a new type of corporation established by law in 10 states in which the company is established to fulfill a public mission.  The key gain from this is that corporations expand from just stockholders put to stakeholders as well and …

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Sep 25

Election Boycott Debate

See my back and forth with Terri Lee on the idea of an election boycott at ZBlogs.

Sep 23

Voter Boycott is a Misguided Strategy

A posting by Terri Lee on ZBlogs put forth a call to boycott the 2012 elections.   While I absolutely share the belief that there needs to be a culture of resistance and a challenge to corporate control of the two parties, I think an election boycott is not the correct strategy to achieve these goals.  …

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Sep 20

Health Care Mandate Explained

I came across a Reuters article reporting that 2 million more people than previously estimated will be paying the health care mandate penalty, which got me thinking that a lot of people might not know why there is a mandate to buy health insurance.  Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act will prohibit insurance companies …

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Sep 18

View of Republicans as Deficit Hawks Continues to Be False

I’m repeating a point from a previous post, but it is really worth repeating since we hear the opposite so often.  A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showed …more of the registered voters surveyed picked Romney as the candidate who would best deal with the federal government’s budget deficit, at 34 percent, to 29 percent for Obama. …

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Sep 18

Romney Thinks Half of Americans Are Lazy (In his own words!)

Mother Jones has released what is apparently leaked video from a Romney fundraiser.  It’s quite revealing that he claims about half of the country is lazy and dependent on government.  See for yourself…

Sep 15

The Fed’s Action and IS-LM


Since I have done a couple posts explaining the IS-LM macroeconomic model and a post on quantitative easing, this will be a quick post discussing this week’s Federal Reserve actions in light of the IS-LM model.  If you need a refresher on IS-LM or how bonds and the Fed work, check out these: IS-LM Part …

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Sep 14

Focusing on Free Speech in Muslim World Misses the Point

With much of the Islamic world protesting what is rightly seen as an anti-Islamic movie, a lot of attention has been given to a perceived cultural divide between the West and Islam, a view which sees Muslims as not understanding what freedom of speech really means.  This may or may not have merit, but before …

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Sep 10

Three Quick Counter-Examples to Free Market Fantasy

It is quite astounding how the role of government in the economy is vastly underrated.  This is especially true of many conservatives who cling to a free market fantasy, but it is often overlooked by liberals as well.  Here are a few snippets of the government role in the US economy: The Internet was the …

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Sep 09

Brief Thoughts on Obama’s Speech

To start with what Obama did well, he did make his policy preferences clear on many issues, even though he did not commit to many specific policies.  The exceptions are that Obama did state he wanted to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 per year, create 1 million manufacturing jobs in four years, …

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