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Jul 19

Tsanarev Photo Forces Us to See a Human Being

It is an odd feeling to say I am weighing in on the Rolling Stone controversy about having Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover, since I find it hard to see how it is controversial.  One friend of someone who lost both legs wrote on Facebook: “Your use of a provocative, borderline sympathetic image and headline …

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Jul 15

Balanced Perspective on Iran Needed

One lesson in reading the news is that interpretation is always key.  The US Air Force put out a report assessing the threat of ballistic missiles from other countries.  Some Israeli news outlets have put out stories that refer to the part of the report that says “Iran could develop and test an ICBM capable …

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Jan 30

Serious versus Non-Serious Positions on US Debt

Paul Krugman was on Morning Joe (video below) this week and put forth  his standard arguments about job creation needing to take priority over deficits.  (I encourage people to watch it for a thorough run-through of the basic Keynesian arguments.)  The co-host, Joe Scarborough, wrote an opinion piece on Politico blasting Krugman.  What strikes me …

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Jan 17

Crucial Context on Colombia (Reuters critique)

I came across another Reuters article that needs some facts to add missing context.  This one is about about Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos’ willingness to hold a public referendum on any peace deal his administration makes with the rebel FARC guerrillas.  The article states The drug funded group [FARC]…has fought successive governments since 1964 …

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Jan 09

For US, Oil is About Power Not Consumption


A December Forbes magazine piece states, “If the United States no longer needs access to Middle East oil under any foreseeable circumstances, then the priority Washington assigns to the region will plummet. ”  Really?   Looking at some basic stats seems to show a different picture.  US consumption of Middle East oil is not the …

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Jan 08

The Most Accurate News Headline on Israel Ever

Reuters has a news article whose title is 100% accurate:   “Netanyahu takes on the world in Israeli election campaign”   Apparently, Netanyahu is modifying Nietzsche’s line as follows: “What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the uber-Israeli: a laughingstock or a painful …

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Nov 09

Owners of “The Corporation” Movie Seem to Put Profit First

I have to go on a bit of a rant against what should be a good leftist project that has run amok.  Many years ago I saw the excellent documentary “The Corporation,” which examines the corporation as an institution and it’s anti-social nature.  Yet when I went to the film’s website today, it is filled …

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Oct 20

Media Bias on Palestine Elections

A Reuters article today on local elections in the Palestinian West Bank demonstrates rather obvious bias in media coverage.  One article by one news agency is not all that important obviously, but the image portrayed is rather usual in mainstream commentary.  The title of the article is “West Bank vote held to help plug Palestinian …

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Oct 07

Good Organizations/Projects

Wanted to take the time to promote two worthwhile endeavors: 1) Free Press is an organization based in Massachusetts challenging corporate consolidation of media.  Especially relevant given my recent post on the media’s terrible performance on presidential debates. 2) ZNet is launching a new social networking site called ZSocial.  It is still in beta testing …

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Oct 06

Want Real Debates? Put This High School Student in Charge

To understand that political debates should be about substantive issues, all you have to do is talk to a high school student who actually debates.  Click below (embed code isn’t working for some reason).  Skip to 3:53 and the girl being interviewed makes what is an obvious point to anyone who knows the first thing …

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