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Jul 27

Why socialism isn’t a dirty word…

  After a two year hiatus, I’m starting my return to political blogging with a bang by a discussion of…socialism.  What?  Why would I discuss “socialism” when there are so many other things going on like the dropping of Boston from the Olympic bid. Greece, ISIS, etc.?  And didn’t socialism end except in places like …

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Jan 16

Beyond Leftist Resentment

I have been a leftist at least since college about 12 years ago.  I still remember when, after much thinking, I decided that I was an anarchist.  To this day, I still think capitalism is a fundamentally flawed system that should be replaced with something better.  However, I have had some thoughts lately that seem …

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Oct 30

Political Power Comes from Organization

I’ve come to realize I have a certain assumption of how I think political systems work that underlies a lot of my opinions so I thought I’d lay it out.  It’s really very simple, but I think it explains a lot.  It can be summed up in one sentence: Power over social decision-making requires organization. …

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Oct 11

Thoughts on Externalities

I’ve been looking back at material I read a long time ago by Robin Hahnel, economics professor emeritus at American University, and it got me thinking about the problem of externalities in market systems.  As basic economics tells us, an externality is an effect of a purchase on a third party in addition to the …

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Sep 29

Benefit Corporations Offer A Better Business Model

Someone sent me a good 2011 article from The Nation about “benefit corporations.”  These are a new type of corporation established by law in 10 states in which the company is established to fulfill a public mission.  The key gain from this is that corporations expand from just stockholders put to stakeholders as well and …

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Sep 04

Empowering Work for All

Since it’s Labor Day, I wanted to put out an idea that I have had for a long time, but honestly haven’t thought about in a while.  Why do we think it is ok to have an economy where finding a job often means doing menial work that is not under your own control?  Forget …

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Jul 28

Heresy: Voting Is Overrated

Jonathan Bernstein has a recent post answering readers’ questions about the dilemma of voting for third parties when we know that they usually cannot have much influence. I am all for voting, but too often we treat it as a holy grail, when it really just the bare minimum for a democracy. This is why …

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