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Jul 13

South American Unity

It’s an amazing thing to see South American nations so united.  It would be naive to think they are models of virtue just because they have have left governments, but they certainly are models of self respect, as seen recently in their solidarity around Evo Morales’ plane being forced down.  

Oct 30

Political Power Comes from Organization

I’ve come to realize I have a certain assumption of how I think political systems work that underlies a lot of my opinions so I thought I’d lay it out.  It’s really very simple, but I think it explains a lot.  It can be summed up in one sentence: Power over social decision-making requires organization. …

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Sep 20

Health Care Mandate Explained

I came across a Reuters article reporting that 2 million more people than previously estimated will be paying the health care mandate penalty, which got me thinking that a lot of people might not know why there is a mandate to buy health insurance.  Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act will prohibit insurance companies …

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Sep 18

Romney Thinks Half of Americans Are Lazy (In his own words!)

Mother Jones has released what is apparently leaked video from a Romney fundraiser.  It’s quite revealing that he claims about half of the country is lazy and dependent on government.  See for yourself…

Aug 13

Democracy Now on Paul Ryan

Ryan’s policies are scrutinized quite thoroughly here…

Aug 07

Old Chomsky Clip Relates to White Racism I Think

Perhaps this video from back in the late 90’s of Chomsky sheds some light on the deeper issues behind white racism.  In the video he’s talking more about people like Timothy McVeigh’s hatred of the government, but you could easily replace the government with foreigners.

Aug 02

More on the Failed Arms Treaty

I did a post last week about the failure of the arms control treaty and said Democracy Now would have more on it.  Amy Goodman had a 20 minute segment on it which is posted below. It is hard to believe how the US government can say things that are so in contrast with reality …

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Jul 29

Paul Krugman Gives Great Overview of Crisis (dated but still very relevant)


Jul 28

Still a classic…

I wish this video showed more history and less of the band, but still there are some excellent messages.