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Jul 28

Olympics and Democratic Accountability

A reader asked me to comment on the implications of Boston being taken out of consideration for the 2024 Olympics.  There are two key issues that this situation raises: 1) What would the costs and benefits of the Olympics be? and 2) What is the right catalyst for economic development? Regarding benefits and costs, the …

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Jul 27

Why socialism isn’t a dirty word…

  After a two year hiatus, I’m starting my return to political blogging with a bang by a discussion of…socialism.  What?  Why would I discuss “socialism” when there are so many other things going on like the dropping of Boston from the Olympic bid. Greece, ISIS, etc.?  And didn’t socialism end except in places like …

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Jul 23

Remarks on the #Boston4Gaza Rally


What matters is the predictable consequences of our actions that are undertaken, not the intent, not even the abstract validity of slogans.  That’s not what matters to the victims.”  –Noam Chomsky This evening I attended a protest in Boston against the current Israeli onslaught in Gaza. The protest in many ways was very heartening, but also presented some …

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Sep 03

Norman Finkelstein, Egypt, and the West’s View of Muslims

I think the following brief clip from Norman Finkelstein is an excellent statement of the principles of democracy related to the situation in Egypt.  His description of the way Muslims are viewed in the West connects with a recent thought I had: if you look at a map of the world you will see that …

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Jul 28

US Showing More Lack of Neutrality on Israel/Palestine

Now that talks are resuming between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority, there is more evidence of the US’ lack of neutrality.  Reuters reports: “In another sign of possible momentum, Martin Indyk, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel who directs the foreign policy program at the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington, is expected …

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Jul 19

Tsanarev Photo Forces Us to See a Human Being

It is an odd feeling to say I am weighing in on the Rolling Stone controversy about having Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover, since I find it hard to see how it is controversial.  One friend of someone who lost both legs wrote on Facebook: “Your use of a provocative, borderline sympathetic image and headline …

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Jul 15

Balanced Perspective on Iran Needed

One lesson in reading the news is that interpretation is always key.  The US Air Force put out a report assessing the threat of ballistic missiles from other countries.  Some Israeli news outlets have put out stories that refer to the part of the report that says “Iran could develop and test an ICBM capable …

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Jul 13

South American Unity

It’s an amazing thing to see South American nations so united.  It would be naive to think they are models of virtue just because they have have left governments, but they certainly are models of self respect, as seen recently in their solidarity around Evo Morales’ plane being forced down.  

May 31

If Only US Candidates Had Lines as Good As This…

Iran just had a debate among candidates for president.  Apparently the candidates hated the format and refused to answer a lot of questions.  One candidate especially had a line we could all learn from:  “With these repetitive, discontinuous, short, one-to-three minute answers, the people are being harmed and the eight people up here are being …

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May 28

German Conservatives Go Left of U.S. Again

To add to what I said about a week and a half ago on how German conservatives say things that you would rarely hear an American Democrat say, Reuters had an excellent piece that highlights how different Europe really is.  I recommend reading the whole article, but it is quite telling that the German Finance …

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